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  • DO use your cell phone for fun and to communicate and stay connected with your friends and family
  • DO remember that what you post or text message about others can be out there in cyberspace forever
  • DO say NO to Bullying – don’t let ANYONE get bullied and don’t be the bully.
  • DO talk to an adult you trust if you have sent or received any messages that were harmful or made you feel uncomfortable.
  • DO NOT take or forward nude pictures to ANYONE. Once you send or post a picture, you can never get it back. These pictures could be illegal and consequences include, expulsion from school, jail, and registering as a sex offender.
  • DO report any nude pictures you receive on your phone to an adult you trust
  • DO NOT drive while talking on your cell phone or text messaging. It is illegal in many states.
  • DO NOT give your number out to people you do not know in real life.
  • DO try just talking with your friends the old fashion way (on the phone) instead of just text messaging all the time.

  • DO speak with your child about their cell phone habits and your safety concerns
  • DO set limits on what your child can do on their cell phones (i.e. who they can talk to, when they can be on their phones, the number of text messages they can send and what they are allowed to post online)
  • DO access your cell phone carrier’s parental control settings and decide the settings that will work best for you
  • DO talk with your kids about the consequences for sexting and cyberbullying
  • DO NOT overact or take away your child’s cell phones if they tell you about something bad that they experienced online or with their cell phones. Cell phones are important for emergency situations and staying connected
  • DO encourage your child to teach you what they can do with their cell phones
  • DO NOT hesitate to get help from school and law enforcement authorities if you think a bully or predator may be targeting your child. Save copies of all messages and report the misuse to your service provider
  • DO regularly review your child’s pictures on their cell phones
  • DO get to know your child’s online friends as you would their real-life friends

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Common Sense Media: Digital Citizenship page

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